Author Interview

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything new for the blog. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been somewhat immersed in college–perhaps for the first time in my entire life. For anyone that’s interested, I’m currently doing a bit of work on allusions to Genesis 1-3 (the creation of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden narrative) in an early Jewish wisdom text from the Dead Sea Scrolls corpus called 4QInstruction, and the role these allusions play in developing gender relations in the text. Basically, women are inferior to men in 4QInstruction because Eve was created from Adam’s rib and for him as a helper, and not because she was responsible for offering him fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, which was a later Christian doctrine. The notion of the ‘Fall’ of mankind or the idea of ‘Original Sin’ didn’t exist prior to the formation of the early Church, but women were still deemed to be inferior to men because of the order and nature of their creation. The only problem is that barely any of 4QInstruction is still extant, and what we do have is written in often-illegible-and-impossible-to-translate Biblical Hebrew. Very exciting stuff altogether.

A while back I did a short interview about ‘The Night Belongs To Us’ which was published on the interviewer’s site last week. I’ve procrastinated sharing it since then, but I’ve finally grown weary of reading yet another article about whether or not one woman’s poor decision making skills are to blame for all human suffering, and so have finally gotten around to doing it. The link to the site can be found here:

Unfortunately, The Night Belongs To Us is still not available in paperback, and the publisher still has not provided any prospective timeline. It can, however, be bought on the publisher’s site and on Amazon in e-book form for now.

(Reviews are always appreciated)

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