Katie Brown Introduction

23 year old Irish author of ‘The Night Belongs To Us’, an LGBT romance chronicling the relationship between two teenage girls in Dublin in the 1990’s.

Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate research student with an interest in Second Temple Judaism, Early Christianity, Graeco-Roman influence on the Biblical tradition, and the Bible in the Arts.

The Night Belongs To Us– It doesn’t surprise Alex to find herself falling in love with her beautiful best friend Connie; the surprise is that Connie might actually reciprocate. But it’s the 1990s in Dublin and Connie’s reputation means everything to her, hardly worth losing over a silly teenage fling. When rumours stir and new faces enter the scene, it’s time for both to decide what really matters. 

Blog Ramblings

Author Interview

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything new for the blog. Surprisingly, I’ve actually been somewhat immersed in college–perhaps for the first time in my entire life. For anyone that’s interested, I’m currently doing a bit of work on allusions to Genesis 1-3 (the creation of Adam and Eve and the Garden of…

The Night Belongs To Us Excerpt

Since it’s going to be published in six days, (still currently only in e-book form, paperback will be released on an unspecified future date) I decided I would share the prologue and a short snippet from the first chapter of The Night Belongs To Us. Links to pre-order a copy can be found here: The…